Couch Potato Revels in First Frost

Wow. Can you tell that weeks pass between me being active on this blog? Last post – wicked heat. This post – first frost. Hmmm. I confess, my husband and I have been spending too much time watching past seasons of Weeds after the kids are in bed.We don’t have cable t.v. and most of our tube time is kids’ movies. I wish I could say we didn’t waste any of our time in front of a t.v. screen, but most nights you’ll catch us watching at least part of a family DVD – maybe even pushing the envelope of kid-appropriate material with a little Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. We’re just so frickin’ tired after a long day of school, work, playing…the usual. Perhaps one day our car will proudly display a “Kill Your Television” bumper sticker – if our future reality still involves cars.

 My three year old, Bodhi, is finally staying down when I get him to sleep at night. Miracle of miracles! All of my precious writing time, reading time, time to be otherwise productive – this magical “time” for which I’ve been waiting nearly seven years is spent in my pajamas, eating some form of sugar and watching a show about dealing pot. Lovely. Guess it turns out I’m just too tired for productivity. Good news – we’ve run out of seasons of Weeds to watch and haven’t found a good substitute yet. I may be forced to stop wasting my life.

First frost hit this morning. I’m relieved. Still have much to do put the gardens to bed and finish up the new herb bed. To till or not to till? I’m opting for till. Then, of course, plant garlic in a week or two. But the production and harvesting parts are over. My winter greens never even came up – save one. A few beets are still out there to pick. I’ve already pulled up two beds of tomatoes. I’ve just been so fed up with the productivity of our garden this year. I’m ready to be done! Planning for a better year next year. Not all was a total loss, but this was definitely not a good year. Raspberries and beans were probably our most productive crops. Soil tested fine, so I’m not sure what’s up. I need to get some stable manure and a few bales of straw to mulch the garden over winter. 

Now I just have to convince my three-year-old, very reluctant garden assistant to go outside with me. Candy, anyone?


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