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Nearly a year goes by…

I just checked the date of my last post and am appalled that nearly a year has passed since I’ve written anything here. Well, actually, it’s not been a year since I have written, but a year since I have successfully finished a piece and edited it sufficiently enough to post it without worrying that anyone reading it would think that I was a complete moron without a single functioning brain cell in my head (this last bit it actually close to the truth since I’ve had my children and been breast feeding for 6  1/2 years straight). At any rate, I’m hoping to be back. 

My youngest boy had given up his nap over the summer, but now that I’m getting up at sunrise to get his older brother off to school, he’s started to get up earlier than usual and is lapsing back into napping. This results in him staying up until 10:oo p.m. or later and definitely eats into my newly found “me time” at the end of the evening. We’ll wait and see…I’m hoping somehow, somewhere, there will be some time to write.


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